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Hi Cindy & Dan

Just touching base, I have missed calls from the office.

I am seeing great results & healing fine.
Looks like I will have my face symmetrical & smile back!

Thank you so much!

*Patient had a lip scar repair procedure

Good afternoon,

I am doing great
I can't thank you enough You and your staff are amazing !
I will definitely follow up with you in a few months and let you know my results

Thanks again

Things are well thank you. A lot of compliments throughout last year and change.

You did a great job. Even my old hair cutter was amazed at the back.


Good Evening Dr.Epstein & Roxy,

I hope all is well. Crazy how fast time flies; it was like yesterday (June 2010) that I got my hair transplant.

It was probably one of the best decisions I have ever made. The transplant came out great!

Thank you!

Hi Dr. Epstein hope you're well,

I just wanted to thank you for all you have done for me. I started the year off having you revise my upper lip lift with impeccable results and closed the year having my touchup surgery,
suffice to say it's been a great year!

I just wanted to thank you for all your time and effort you have spent with me, your staff are the most beautiful, warm people I have ever met and hold each and everyone of them close to my heart.

I just wanted to wish all of you happy holidays and a healthy incredible new year!


Good morning Dan!
I'm ready to go to Beverly Hills and show those flamboyant, wannabe doctors how is it done!
Well, my heart can sit quiet! My mind can find a single superlative to describe Dr. Esptein to the world! I'm speechless!
Thank you again Dan.
Ana C

Thank you so much. GOOD MORNING Dr. Epstein. I had one or two drops o blood from each side of the cheeks side of the nostrils, but they are fine today. You and all your staff are amazing, and I have nothing but love and gratitude for all of you. Have wonderful week. Ana.


My procedure went smoothly and I slept through it all with the one Valium and Ambiem.

I will be in Miami the week of November 10th so I have scheduled a follow-up visit with the doctor.

I was very impressed with how professional and nice everyone one, including Pierre at the Hampton Inn.


Hi Dr. Epstein,

I just wanted to follow-up with you now that I have all of my sutures out and am mostly healed. Thank you to you and your staff for taking good care of me while I was out there!

I am very happy with the lip lift results at this point. It looks very natural and is exactly what I wanted. Since having the sutures removed I essentially cannot see the incision, which I think is pretty impressive! I am very happy with the upper blepheroplasty results as well. The incisions are healing very nicely and the results are great.

The reverse brow lift sutures came out today - they are looking pretty good also and I think they will heal nicely. Fortunately I haven't had any hair shock loss either.

While I was out there we didn't get a chance to discuss my scheduled rhinoplasty procedure. Can we schedule a Skype consultation or something similar to go over it? Can we work on before and expected after morphs via online consult?

Thank you again for all of your help so far and the excellent work while I was out there! I look forward to hearing from you.



Hi Dr. Epstein,

Thank you again for the beautiful job you did on my lips and nose. They both really look AWESOME.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you for all that you do. You really do make dreams come true:)



Ok well basically I'd say that Dr E is great and if I could go back and do it all over again I'd definitely go to him. Always felt confident in his abilities and his staff too. Office is clean and being in Miami it's a nice place to visit. Price is a bit steep but I'd rather pay more for something and get it done right first time so I would advise other people not to be put off by it. Basically I'm glad I went to Dr E, no regrets and happy with the results.

Feel free to edit as you see fit!

Last question: as time goes on will the implant become more secure still, reducing the risk of any damage/movement?
It's been 6 months now.



Dr Epstein,

Just wanted to let you know how effective the kenalog injection was. The site feels more like it did 4 or 5 months post op last time.

Thank you again for your sincere patience and superior suture work!!!

My thanks also for the time invested with me as a person, aside from just a patient. To all of the staff who rendered such compassionate care and gave up their poor fingers, only to have the life squeezed out of them, I am truly grateful! Please know that I am a patient for life and will whole heartedly recommend your practice to everyone who inquires.



Hi Dr. Epstein this is Luis, im sorry I couldnt really see how my nose looked when you showed me in your office but i just got home and got a chance to look at my nose and it looks great! Thank you so much it looks better than what i had imagined it was going to look like and im just completely happy with how i look. Thank you so much once again Dr.

Good evening Doc!

Just wanted to drop a thank you line for seeing me today after so long time and attempting to offer solutions to my futile concerns. I am so excited to see that after the injection, the side is already looking so much better!!!!! ;)

Thank you again for the overall work you have been performing! And sorry about the challenges it came with;))


Dr. E,

Just wanted to tell you how freakin amazing you are! Dr. B removed stitches today. There is like no scar. Mouth looks great so far!!! Looks perfect right now. It's hard to believe what you as a human have the ability to achieve. Like I said, you're a very special person.

Thank you,

Could you please tell Dr. Epstein thank you again for the fantastic results? I'm so happy with the outcomes of every single procedure I had with him this past June (hair transplant, eyebrows, and lip lift)! I think they look completely natural and just amazing! Thank you also for all your help in the long road to finally get me booked;)!

Thank you for your time again Dan and please pass my thanks on to Dr. Epstein as well!

Have a nice week!

All the best,

Hello again Dr. Epstein!

Dr. Alexander removed my stitches just a few short hours ago, and I must say it looks incredible!

I am certain the scar will heal up very nicely, we are both very impressed with the results.

You'll have to excuse me, I have been left traumatized by poor results with previous surgeons here in Toronto.

You truly are a very gifted surgeon, and feel very privileged to have you revise my upper lip lift!

I can confidently recommend you to others.

Thank you for putting what was a horrible result behind me, I can now move on, you have no idea how much this means to me.

With sincere gratitude,

Hi Dan,

I had an amazing experience at your office last week. All of you guys are just so amazing!! I am already thinking about having a second procedure at some point in the near future.

By the way, I saw that Dr. Epstein will have consultation sessions in early December in New York. I wonder if I could book an appointment with him on the late afternoon of December 6. The later time in the afternoon, the better, if available.

Thanks again,

Dr. E I took my taping off this morning. I LOVE IT!!!! :)Thank u! Have a great day!

First I'd like to say you did an amazing job with my nose procedure!  Thank you so much, it looks completely natural which was definitely my biggest concern.  

I'm writing to you right now because I am interested in having a procedure done to give me a stronger jawline.  I'm not looking to rush into this, I'm just looking around right now.  Having had the nose job from you I know that you understand subtly and naturalness so I trust you.  Do you do these procedures or do you know a doctor that does?  

Thanks so much,

Dr. Epstein , just wanted to let you know that you have an excellent staff working with you. Everyone was extremely helpful and nice. This made the procedure much easier . Also thank you for everything and see you in a couple of weeks for my nose and chin.
Sincerely, Arturo

Dr. Epstein, Dan Grantham and his staff are amazing.  They are all courteous, go out of their way to make your experience as pleasurable as possible and as far as offices go, they are without a doubt the best office you will ever encounter. 

Dr. Epstein is a wonderful man with an abundance of patience and an extremely skilled doctor.  My daughter had rhinoplasty performed and has had a very difficult time with the way she heels.  She had to go back a few times to get some more work done and not once were we charged by Dr. Epstein.  He treated my daughter as if she was his own.  Always with a smile and a pleasant demeanor.  He called and texted my daughter to see how she was doing and I have never had a doctor show the type of concern that he has. 

Thank you to Dr. Epstein, Dan, Cindy and the rest of his amazing staff – Emily looks amazing!!

Wendy and Emily

Hi Dan!

Thanks for checking in! It's good to hear from you again! I hope all is well with you.

I am doing great! I'm so happy with the results of my procedure! I'm also pleasantly surprised at how quickly the healing is going.

Thank you so much for helping me to schedule and for answering all of my questions! 

Enjoy your weekend:)


* patient had upper lip lift and hairline advancement with grafting

Dr Epstein,

The visit, consult and surgery were great. I have to share I was a little nervous starting over with a new doctor. However, your honest and detailed approach really made a difference.

Thanks again,


An A+ Doctor and Team

I am absolutely delighted with what Dr. Epstein and his excellent team have done for me. Their work is what I call my successful ‘facial rejuvenation project’. This project was executed so well that one trained eye said that I looked like a 50 year old and another said 45. My true age? 57. This is awesome. And yet I asked Dr. Epstein to leave some nasolabial folds behind as I didn’t want to suddenly look…35!

Gone are the droopy eyelids, the marionette lines, and the bunched up neck folds. My eyes look more alive, my cheeks more taut, and my jaw line more pronounced. Just as in my younger days.

My thanks to Dr. Epstein, Danny, Cindy, and the excellent nurses in ‘the backroom’. Thanks also to Jon, Roxy, Selwyn, John and Susie in ‘the front room’. What a team.

Now I think I’d like to venture into a ‘phase 2’ of the project. The prospect of possibly looking like a 35 year old sounds pretty inviting. After all, that’s how I feel. I should probably try and look it then, too.

hey ed and dr. jeff it's larry.  so happy with the results.  The results are still trickling in.    I have the right to say that I am in love with the results and dr. epstein.  Thats right I said "in love".  The man is an artist and I loooovvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeee   him.  You guys are all so great.  Tell candy and the whole cuban gang that I said hello.   I can notbegan to tell you the response.  People have very strong emotions when seeing me in the best posible way.  Hollywood here I come.  LOL!  I damn serious and you know it.   I will stop by when I am in miami which should be soon.  here are a few recent pics.  compare these pics with the old and WOWWWW!!!!!.    OMGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!   i am so happpppyyyyy!!!!!!!   Imcryingggggggg.  not literally crying but you get the point.

Hey Ed,

I'm doing great, thanks for asking. I removed my cast today and I'm so in love with my nose lol. Dr. Epstein did an amazing job! I'm so happy and I feel gorgeous :)

* 1 week after rhinoplasty

Hey Ed!

I actually get the splint off tomorrow so hopefully all goes well! But the surgery went fine, no pain pills needed and my bruising is gone :) I know it takes a while for the final product to be established with a nose job, so I am willing to be patient for the full results.  But everyone has been very nice in this whole process. Great customer service for sure!

Thanks for everything!

Rachel R

Hi Jon, 

It is day 10 and I am extremely pleased with my new eyebrows. All the swelling and pen marks are gone. Assuming the transplants have settled now, can I use a little bit of oil to gently soften these pieces hoping they'll slide off? 

The lip lift is just WOW! I'll be writing a full thank you-essay soon! 



I would like to tell you how pleased I have been with the procedures Dr. Jeffrey Epstein performed on me. I am a male in my sixties. I posed a special problem because I had previous hair transplants. These large circular grafts had been state of the art when I started having transplants in the 1970s. They provided hair coverage for my scalp but they left visible gaps in my hairline.

I had a series of three treatments with Dr. Epstein in 2008, 2010, and 2012. Dr. Epstein and his team were able to fill in the gaps in my hair. They provided me with a much more natural look than the earlier transplants. This was particularly evident with the smooth front hairline.

During the final set of transplants in 2012, Dr. Epstein also performed a neck lift on me to tighten a sagging “turkey” neck. I appreciated the fact that two procedures could be accomplished with one sitting. The recovery time for all three procedures was minimal. I was soon back to work and playing tennis. I appreciated the quick healing time because of my busy schedule.

If you are contemplating hair transplants or other cosmetic procedures, please consider consulting with Dr. Jeffrey Epstein. He does his best to make you look your best.

- Anonymous


Happy Friday, I just left the office, Danny did a great job removing the splint and half the stitches.

WOW!!!!! I F****** LOVE It man....seriously, forgive me for the expletive, ha, I could NOT be any happier...Danny said I still have some swelling and recuperating but wow, all I can say is Dr. Epstein did an AMAZING job, he is truly a genius. It is VERY natural looking and the contouring and tweaks made def meet my expectations and I am sure that as the swelling continues to diminish that the doctors work will EXCEED my expectations.

I have an appointment this next Tuesday at noon so will see you guys then.


Have a good weekend!


*Patient had rhinoplasty.

Dear Dr. Epstein:  
I want to thank you again for all the professional attention that i received from you and your team in the procedures taken in Miami. Today all the sutures in my nose were removed by a good colombian face surgeon that lives in Guayaqui. There  is almost no visible scar as you can see in a photo sent to Roxy today. Also  I feel very good and having a fast an great recovery. I hope that in a short time my wife Candice can schedule the procedure for her neck correction, that I personally want to be performed by you.

Best Regards,



Hi, Ed!  Thank you for checking in.  The procedure went well, and I am doing great.  I think I will be super-duper happy with the result of this touch-up; Dr. Epstein and Linda tried to refine the contour of my eyebrows as much as they could and took really good care of me.  I received an "I-am-checking-on-you" phone call from the office, not once but twice, and Dr. Epstein even texted me to make sure I was doing o.k.  I felt very special and well taken care of.  I am leaving to Europe tomorrow for almost 7 months.  I will be in touch with you in October to set up an appointment for Sculptra and maintenance injections in January.  But, if you can get me in earlier than January between December 16 and 31, please let me know.  If not, I can just wait til January.

Have a fantastic summer and I will see you when I get back.

Thank you for being such a wonderful patient adviser!


Thanks for handling this.  Your office, your staff, and Dr. E are all professionals of the highest order and  in the truest sense of the word.

Continued success,


Hi Ed,

Yeah everything went amazingly! I almost cried when I saw the results.
You guys exceeded my expectations by a long shot. Thank you so much for the support.


*Rhinoplasty patient

Hello Jon! I was just thinking about you guys! I have been meaning to write you my post-op feedback letter and said to myself now's the time as it's been 3 months virtually to the day. And here you are, writing to me. Perfect timing.

Well, I have been wanting to say that I am DELIGHTED with the results.

My girlfriend loves my eyes and my overall look. No marionette lines anymore, no sagging jaw line, and now an overall sharper, more youthful look.

Believe it or not, I am already thinking of what I'd like to ask Dr. Epstein to do next. I am thinking of going back in about 3 years for a more aggressive lifting around my cheeks to further reduce my nasolabial folds. Just before last February's surgery I asked Dr. Epstein not to be too aggressive here because this was a rather genetic feature of mine. My mom and all my three other brothers have pretty well defined nasolabial folds, and so I didn't want it to be too obvious that I had had something done. But now that I've gone through what I'd refer to as a first phase of facial rejuvenation, I am ready to go through a second and final phase. If I could only do it sooner than three years (difficult to set aside 3 straight weeks) I would. What do you think? I'd be a happy returning customer!

Please give my very best to Dr. Epstein, Danny, Cindy, Roxy, John and the rest of the WONDERFUL staff that you have at the clinic. (I am banging my head against the wall because I cannot remember the name of the other sweet lady at the reception counter-- the one who would normally pick up the phone. ...Unfortunately, my memory is something Dr.
Epstein can't fix! But you know who I am referring to, so please give her my best as well. In fact, give her, and Cindy, a big hug for me.)

Dr. Epstein and you guys-- you're A+++. All the best.


* Patient had facelift, blepharoplasty, and hair beard hair transplants

Hello Jon,

For Dr. Bared & Dr. Epstein

You asked if I am impressed. I am very much impressed with my results!

Looking back I see a huge difference! I was especially pleased with the laser resurfacing Dr. Bared had done. My skin has never looked this good! His skills are amazing. For my second Sculptra treatment Dr. Bared just performed, it turned out there was little swelling & only minor bruising. I am completely satisfied with my face lift. Dr. Epstein always listens to each issue & reacts on it.

Please know, if there's ever a problem concerning my procedure, I blame me for not doing a better job!!

Patient had facelift, fat grafting, and full face laser

all is well ed. the procedure went above my expectations. could not be happier. I have proclaimed my love for dr. epstein and all of the staff!  you guys are the best.  keep in touch!

Patient had rhinoplasty and upper lip lift and FUE hair transplants

Before After
Rhinoplasty Patient review | NCY Rhinoplasty Patient review | FL

Good Morning Ed,

I hope this email finds you well! I am so sorry for such a late reply but after the holidays and the recovery I had to jump right back into work and class. But I am extremely over the top pleased with everything! The procedure, recovery and everything until now I feel like my life has made a huge turn around and I know that the swelling is going to go down even more! I can't thank Dr. Epstein and his staff enough for all that they have done for me! Thank you for being so attentive! I truly do appreciate it.

Best Regards,

*Patient had rhinoplasty

Good morning Dr. Epstein,

You are right once more, the healing seem to be going very well.

He had the stitches taken out by a local plastic surgeon (who was also impressed with your work), and he suggested some massages on the sides where it seem that the hematoma was (?) the 'harder' spots. Color wise it's a little dark purplish around those spots, but they are getting slowly to the normal skin color.

I'm convinced that this amazing recovery has to do with the great work you have done (once more).

We are trying to be there for a check up in like three weeks. We will contact Ed prior to be sure your in Miami.

Thank you for the follow up and feel free to send any instructions that you deem necessary.

Kind regards,

Jeanine & Ralph

*Male patient had facelift

Dear Ed,

Thank you for checking in! I hope you are enjoying sunny Florida today...it is much too cold in New York now! 

I am loving the results--so natural and friends say they can't really tell I got work done (but I see the difference)! 

You're welcome for the gift; I just wanted to say thank you and I am sorry I did not take time to write a note to everyone. 

I am very grateful to have Doctor Epstein as my surgeon and the whole team has been so nice and helpful...thank you so much, I am so happy!!!



Patient had upper lid Asian blepharoplasty and eyebrow transplant.

Hello Dean,

Thank you for the follow up note. I am doing quite well post surgery. My ride back to the Carolina's was, luckily, uneventful. I was hesitant on keeping the tape across my nose for an additional day, but opted to stick it out one more day as instructed. My swelling has gone down and still have very little at this point. 

I never had a doubt in my mind that Dr. E and staff were the right pick for my procedure. I am so impressed by the way you and everyone has catered to my every personal need. Dr. E is not only talented in his field but his personal repertoire makes him so genuine. So, in exceeding my expectations was above and beyond what I had envisioned.

Anyway, the bottom line is..."I love Dr. Epstein!"  Thanks again, Dean! Kudos to you and the whole staff! Looking forward in seeing ya'll in a month =o)

Very truly yours,


#1 fan of the Epstein Club

Hey Roxy just read this. I'm good. Dr E did an incredible job on the nostril. Still swollen but looks like it may just end up being perfect. I know it's very difficult. He did incredible work.

*Patient had revision rhinoplasty

Hi Dr. Epstein!

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you and the staff in Miami for helping me achieve my goals. I flew into Miami the day before my procedure and frankly didn't get much sleep that night. I was obviously a little nervous and apprehensive about getting a facial hair procedure (Who wouldn't be?). Nevertheless, I felt calm the minute I walked into the clinic. The staff were very nice and accommodating while I filled out the necessary paperwork. Shortly after, Dr. Epstein walked in and I was able to explain to him exactly what I wanted. The procedure itself lasted about 6 hours with a small lunch break in the middle - a very tasty a la carte meal. My wife was there with me during lunch break and we were able to discuss the progress made. I thought this was a great idea because I could then tell Dr. Epstein what exactly I wanted in terms of finishing touches! In the end, I was very impressed with the results - they were much better than expected. Both the shape and density achieved looked better than I ever imagined. Today is day 5 after my procedure. The scabs are completely gone, just a little redness visible, and I feel great about deciding to go ahead with this procedure. I will definitely recommend Dr. Epstein in the future. I will be sending photos very soon!

Best regards,


* More info for International patients traveling for hair restoration procedure.

Hi Jon, everything looks very good so far, next time I'm in Miami I'll stop by to have you guys have a look at your work!!!

I am so pleased with the procedure done that I've told a very good friend of mine to get in touch with you, his name is L, copied on this email so you know who he is when he contact you.

Well, I guess I will see ya later.


Happy Holidays!

Just want to say thank you for everything you did a great job very happy with my nose.

hi ed thank you for the followup. everything went great. dr Epstein has an amazing staff. the girls were great! i can only remember cynthia by name but they all were great. danny was the most helpful for me of all he really went out of his way to make sure everything was as smooth and painless for me as possible. so if you could let dr e. know that would be great. the hurricane was pretty awful up here but im doing ok up here and im recovering just fine so far! thank you again for everything! im glad i chose dr Epstein as my doctor!


Good Morning Ed,

I hope this email finds you well! I am so sorry for such a late reply but after the holidays and the recovery I had to jump right back into work and class. But I am extremely over the top pleased with everything! The procedure, recovery and everything until now I feel like my life has made a huge turn around and I know that the swelling is going to go down even more! I can't thank Dr. Epstein and his staff enough for all that they have done for me! Thank you for being so attentive! I truly do appreciate it.

Best Regards,

*Patient had rhinoplasty

African American Rhinoplasty photo | NYCHey Dan!!!

I was asking for you the last time I was there. I'm feeling great!! I'm soooooo glad I did it!

I'm so happy with the results. Dr. Epstein is awesome! Thank you so much!!

*African American patient had ethnic rhinoplasty surgery in which Dr. Epstein specializes.

Hi Ed!

I'm doing great actually! My procedure went well and the splint came off yesterday. I am absolutely ecstatic about the way my nose looks now. You all far exceeded my expectations and I am so happy about the results!

Thank you for all your help pre-procedure too. (: I am one happy camper!

Thank you for your thoughtfullness.I'm awesome as always.I'm super happy with my nose.To soon to see hair but we know that Dr.Epstein is one of the best in the world with hair so I have as much faith in him as I have in God and I know it will turn out the best that it can. I wish you,Doctor Epstein and staff the very best.Many blessings....William      :)

Hello Dr. Epstein,

Just wanted to let you know that the nose is looking great, it looks very natural and I am very satisfied with the results.

I wanted to thank you for doing a great job with the procedure and also wanted to thank your staff for all the assistance they provided me throughout the surgery.


Learn more about Rhinoplasty Procedures

Testimonial by a Revision Rhinoplasty Patient

I had a primary rhinoplasty performed by a popular surgeon with the concerns of a drooping tip, slight curve, and breathing issues. The result of my first surgery was incredibly disappointing and healing time much longer than expected.

After seven years, I finally started research on a revision. I read countless blogs and online review sites before setting four consultations of which most were named the best in the field having written books on rhinoplasty techniques. There were excessive fees; surprising attitudes; and surgeons who were so interested in hearing themselves that they failed to hear me. My experience at Dr. Epstein's Miami office was quite the contrary.

From the first phone call, my patient advisor, Dan, spent the time to answer my questions. We maintained great e-mail communication during the whole experience; sent photos; and had regular communication with Dr. E directly. My consultation was set within a reasonable time frame only three weeks out. The office staff was kind and welcoming and wait time was minimal. During the consultation, I explained my experience and what I had in mind, and he reciprocated clearly with sensible points and showed me how he could help. His demeanor was kind and compassionate. There was no arrogance like other doctors – he is a REAL person. Photos were taken and we e-mailed each other until we agreed upon computer images.

On the date of surgery, I was introduced to my nurses, Danny & Cindy, and anesthesiologist, Justin, who were patient and kept me at ease. After a recap with Dr. E one last time, I was made comfortable in the operating room conveniently located in their center. When I awoke I received the proper attention and instruction needed, and I even had a short shoulder rub from a masseuse.

One month out, my recovery time has been better than I imagined. Within a week there was only yellow around my eyes and swelling unnoticeable to the untrained eye. The stitches and cast were removed with care and the results are accurate and natural. Even though my final result will take time as I heal, I'm starting to feel like an enhanced version of myself, and my facial features have more balance. Even better yet, I can breathe well for the first time ever.

If you're seeking a surgeon with compassion, a wealth of experience and knowledge, use Dr. Epstein and the Foundation for Hair Restoration & Plastic Surgery.

Paul K.

Hi Dr. Epstein,

It is now 5 weeks post op and I am really happy with my new nose.  I have been eating pineapples, sleeping on lots of pillows, taping my nose at night and going to weekly Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage.  I am keen to make sure I help the swelling go away as best as possible so that I will achieve the final result you intended.


*Patient had revision rhinoplasty. She had five previous surgeries performed in London and NYC.

I just wanted to send you a note to let you know that I had a great experience on Friday.  Dr. Epstein and the entire staff in the office were great to work with and made me feel very comfortable.

Again, I really appreciate everything that you, Dr. Epstein, and the entire staff did for me before and during my visit.  Dr. Epstein definitely calmed my anxiety.  I can't wait to see the results.  Thank you again!


Things are going great I've been so busy traveling im planning on making another appointment w dr e when I'm done traveling this summer-- I couldn't be happier w my nose seriously it is just perfect my confidence has gone up so much ! He really is the best.

*Patient had revision rhinoplasty.

Please let Dr. E. know that in my opinion the staff in the Miami office is fantastic.  Each and every person in your office has been extremely friendly and professional and has gone out of their way to make this experience as comfortable as possible.  From a customer service perspective I don't recall ever having been treated so well.


Thank you for checking in on me. Everything went wonderfully and I am so happy about the results. I am pretty much feeling normal and have been since the second day. I am back in NY now and actually have an appointment with Dr. Epstein at 2:00 today. I'm not sure if I will be seeing you. If not, thank you so much for everything Ed! You and everyone in Dr. Epstein's office (Cindy, Susie, and Danny) have been exceptional every step of the way!



*Patient had rhinoplasty, nose job, procedure.

Dr. Epstein-

I am writing to you today regarding the Rhinoplasty you performed a few months back. I am extremely pleased with the overall results of the procedure, you are a true professional. I couldn’t be more satisfied with your professionalism, post-op care, advice, and attention to detail. I am 100% satisfied with my decision in selecting you to perform this procedure, it wasn’t an easy process, but you made me feel very comfortable and at ease the entire time. The follow up care has been nothing short of amazing; I have been in and out of your office a number of times and continue to make follow up visits, and you have done everything possible to get the results of my Rhinoplasty as perfect as feasibly possible. I also commend you in your ability to maintain that Doctor to Patient relationship, giving all the patients you have to deal with on a daily basis it is very impressive. I would also like to thank Dan who performed my initial consultation; he made me feel very comfortable in my decision to choose you for this procedure. He also did a great job assisting me with any questions or concerns I had leading up to the surgery, he was very responsive answering any emails or phone calls I had. In addition, I would like to also thank Cindy, who has been by nurse throughout this entire process, and she has done an amazing job. She is very caring and always there to answer any questions I had along the way. The entire staff was gracious and caring; they are a great bunch and have made me feel right at home. The final result is amazing! I would recommend your services to anyone seeking my advice regarding facial plastic surgery.

Greg P.

Dear Dr E.

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know directly that you're a true master of what you do.

My sister told me the other day that, while being very sceptical at first, she now fully understands why I did it because it just looks great.

I go through all the normal experiences of people asking me whats different and why I don't age and although that's flattering its of little consequence.

What matters to me is that you brought back a version of me which looks more like how i feel and think...

I'm considering a second procedure in a few years

Warm regards

The procedure went well and I'm feeling better every day. Dr. E is a truly gifted surgeon and everyone was kind, professional, caring--wonderful people. The result is getting really pretty.. so exciting! I did have questions about post-otoplasty care (how to clean/can I submerge in water?) and if what I'm experiencing is normal (bruises on front of ear, stitches still there?).. should I call the office in Miami?
Thanks again!

* Patient had rhinoplasty and ear surgery (otoplasty).

Dear Ed,

Thank you again. I told Dr. E I'm thrilled with my surgery. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL job. I'm going to try to convince my mother to come to him for a blepharoplasty . (Been trying to get her to do it for 10 years... so maybe after seeing the beautiful job he did on me she'll be convinced especially with my wedding coming up in December.) She's old fashioned and scared of the bad before and after's you see on celebs etc. I've told her when you find a good surgeon you'll love the result. It doesn't have to be a scary process. Thank you so,so much. I'll send after photo's to you as soon as I can.


Thanks, Dr. Epstein...you do great work!
The next time I'm in Miami I will make a point of visiting.

Enjoy your summer,

Dr. Epstein,

Checking in and sending a follow up picture from my revision in March of 2011. I apologize for not touching base in months.

Everything has healed beautifully. Love my new nose. Thank You!

Thank you,


Hi Jon,

Things are going well. Got the stitches out yesterday and it is healing nicely. No pain at all, no swelling, and the best part is my worry lines and forehead wrinkles are almost gone. I'm sure they'll be back but for now, I'm going with it, I can't say enough about my whole experience with you all. The whole staff was so gracious and proficient and caring and they made me feel very relaxed and comfortable.  The best!!!!

I will keep you updated and I know that Dr. E wants to see me in 6-8 weeks.

Thanks again

*Patient had reparative hair procedure

Hey Ed,

Im doing very well and very happy with the results when I got the cast taken off yesterday. Excited to see what it will look like once all the swelling goes down but I am very pleased with the results thus far and feel I have made an excellent choice with Dr. Epstein and the rest of the staff. Enjoy the rest of your week :)


Hi Dr. Epstein,

Just wanted to update you on progress. I can't get over how great it looks. Even with the stitches still in, my head looks amazing.  No discoloration, no pain at all even from day one, and best of all, the wrinkles in my forehead and my worry lines are gone (almost). I have a feelingthat they will come back but for now, I'm going with it!! Seeing Dr. Sherris' nurse on Tuesday to have stitches removed. Can't wait.

I really want to thank you and your incredible staff for everything! Everyone was so compassionate, efficient, and so capable! You made me feel relaxed and comfortable during a very stressful time and I appreciate it greatly. I know I made the right choice with your expertise!

Thank you again and look forwardto hearing from you.
Robert D

P.S. Sorry i didn't email soner but this last week has been a whirlwind.

*Patient had tissue expander to repair prior hairline plug hair transplants.

Good Evening Dr. Epstein,

Since this was my first surgery, I was "incredibly" paranoid that the results would not meet my expectations.  I took a good look in the mirror tonight, after finally cleaning up, and I am very happy with the results.  I understand that I will see even more improvement over the next few days, but I wanted you to know that I am walking away a happy customer.  I know you are very passionate about your craft, especially after I watched my trachea shave on You Tube.

Just wanted to say outstanding job to you, and your team Dr. Epstein.  I look forward to seeing your work evolve in the transgendered community. :)

Bravo Zulu! 

Very Respectfully,

* Patient underwent rhinoplasty, Adam's apple shave (chondrolaryngoplasty), and brow shaving.

Hi Ed

Good to hear from you, the procedure went well, and I am feeling blessed.I am really glad I found you guys, I like my look so much more then I did before, you guys did a really good job, and thank you so much for all your help throughout this process it is much appreciated. The absolvable stitches are still in I was just wondering how long they are going to be in for? hope all is well.

Hi Jon, thanks for checking in. So far so good. I am very pleased with the outcome and I hope to maintain most of the extra lip lift after the 6 week mark. It looks great! Dr. Epstein did a beautiful and very tasteful adjustment - I think people can tell something is different but no one has said anything, which is exactly what I wanted.  I had a wonderful experience with everyone at the office, thanks again!

I will keep you posted if I notice any changes, and will send a pic of the final result after 6 weeks so you can have for my chart and see the final outcome.

Please send my best to dr Epstein and staff,


*Patient had rhinoplasty.

The procedure went absolutely great better then I expected, best decision I have ever made on getting the rhinoplasty done with Dr. Jeffrey Epstein. I'm still swollen but not that much, I started feeling much better when they took the cast off because I stop bleeding and everything is going well now. Also I'm curious on the day I can start working out on lifting heavy weights?

Hey Ed,

Everything is going really good. The procedure went well and I'am very happy that Dr. Epstein and his staff took my health as a number one priority. Recovery gets better with each day. I have no pain but slight discomfort and pressure. I'am looking forward for all the swelling to go down and to see the final result. My nose looks great now and looks so natural. 

Thanks for everything,


*Patient had rhinoplasty.


I forgot to mention that the entire staff was/is amazing! I really loved the girls. They took such good care of me. Ed will have a thousand referrals.

You are also fantastic. Your product is second to none.


Hi Ed,

Thanks for your email.  I am very pleased with the results!  I also greatly appreciate the quality of service you and the entire staff at Dr. Epstein's office have provided throughout the process.

Many thanks,


Hello Ed,

Sorry for just getting these to you. Here are few pictures I took over the weekend.

I really appreciate the fact that you and Dr. Epstein have continued to check on me from time to time. It is obvious that you all truly care about your patients. I'll continue to keep you updated and hopefully things will turn around for me.

Thanks again,

I am super pleased with the results. I also want to point out how courteous and attentive the doctor and ENTIRE staff was during and after the procedure. I feel great!!! Thank you again....it was a great decision and I know I was in good hands.

All the best, Edward P

Hi Ed I am not in Miami but I have to tell you that now when I see my face in the mirror and I can see myself. Please tell  Doctor Epstein  I remember him every single day. The change in my face is amazing. I have my lips even and beautiful bc of him. I will be back to Miami next week and call for un appointment. Thanks you!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hi roxy and jeffrey and entire staff!!

I want to thank you guys for the incredible experience i have had during my entire procedure. i am beyond happy with the results! everyone treated me so well and i cant thank you all enough! i feel really amazing. Jeffrey is truly a genius and so talented. the care and understanding you guys give to patients in beyond what i can describe in a short message. Thanks a million! joshua ps.......

also, one of my friends here in atlanta is so impressed with the work you have done she is looking for a referral. do you know any great surgeons in the atlanta area, that i can pass on to her? she is wanting to have upper and lower eyes done. what should she expect to pay for a first class doctor in the category of dr. epstein? thank you if you can give me some names to pass on to her. her name is gae.

*Patient had facelift and blepharoplasty.

Thanks for the feedback and prompt responses Dr. Epstein.  It's amazing because my brother, brother-in-law, and niece are all physicians and they don't even respond back to me as quick as you do. lol.  I'll be sure to tell them about it though......and none of them are surgeons. lol.  I'll try following up with Jon on scheduling a date and pricing. 


I will be in America sometime over the next few months, but don't have exact dates at the moment. When I do I'll be sure to make an appointment to come and see you. I would very much like you to see the results of all your very clever work on my face, neck and nose. Everything is perfect and I'm thrilled with the results. My nose is beautifully even, my jaw line much sharper and my neck is back to its swan like youthfulness! Thank you again and I hope all is well with you.

Kind regards

*Patient from London had facelift and rhinoplasty.

Dear Dr. Epstein:

Emily took off the tape this morning and had the biggest smile on her face! You did an AMAZING job!! She looks absolutely gorgeous and she is so happy! We are both so appreciative of the care and warmth you and your entire office showed us throughout this process.

Hopefully, when she comes home in May she can stop by and show you the wonderful work you did. Again, thank you for everything!

Wendy and Emily

*Patient had rhinoplasty

Hi Dan-

Well I must say, everyone exceeded my expectations. I can't tell you how kind and helpful everyone was. Let me say I have had A LOT of sugery and have met A LOT of plastic surgeons and very, very rarely have I had such a positive experience all around beyond the procedure with the manners of the doctor and staff. I was sincerely beyond impressed with Dr.Epstein, the office staff, and the nurses. My highest praise to Candy, who was abosolutely marvelous throughout the whole procedure. She made me feel very at ease, I can't say enough how lovely she was- so please let Dr. Epstein know.

I am feeling well, besides some a little swelling that is left and some discomfort on the donor site which is getting better, I am feeling fine.

Many thanks again!


Hola Doctor, how are you? This is Ana, it's been 6 days after my surgery, starting to look a lot better, I think my lips are gonna look great !!! Only 3 stitches have come out from my top lip, I still have all the stitches in my bottom lip, most of swelling down, still bruises, but I can't wait to see the final result :)

I hope to hear from you soon !!!

Thank you !!!!

*Patient had a lip sculpting repair procedure

Feeling great, and hair is looking superb exactly three months out.

At just over two months I started seeing all kinds of new growth and feeling the 'stubble' coming in. This has increased over the last month but still need to see lots more to get to the 2400 graft mark and get it all filled in.

The hairs around the scar that had been looking like they had a different texture are coming in more smoothly now, just needed time to heal from the trauma.



Thank you very much for your email. I still have the remains of a few stitches(I know that they will dissolve very soon). Inside my lower eyelid is still sore to the touch, when I lift items or look certain ways. I am pleasantly surprised at how much better I appear(I don't look tired all the time or that someone gave me two black eyes). ;) In regards to skiing, I am a bit hesitant skiing so soon after the surgery. Your thoughts. Finally, please do express to Dr Epstein my sincere gratitude for correcting a genetic trait that I always felt self-conscious about.

With Regards,


*Patient had blepharoplasty.

You did an amazing job on my hair.  You are a wonderful surgeon. If only the Grateful Dead were still performing, I'd invite you to a show--you might be the Jerry Garcia of hair! (for real).

Hi Dr Epstein,

I am happy to report I'm doing very well and healing up quickly. I sincerely thank you and your team for surpassing my expectations. I know it's been written many times in the testimonials but it's worth saying again, you have an incredibly dedicated team working at the Miami office.

I faithfully promise to post a glowing testimonial in the coming weeks to express my gratitude.

I want to say a special thanks to Danny!!

Warm Regards,


Hi Jeff
I hope all is well. I wanted to thank you for your the incredible job you did for me 2 years ago. As you recall I was referred to you by my brother who came down to Miami.I saW you in NYC at your offices on 54th.

I have a haircutter for 20 years who has seen the incredible job you did. He has an enormous clientelle of both men and women. He owns Yossi Salon on 71st between Madison and Fifth. He says your work is superior to the work he has seen done by any other NYC hair transplant surgeon.
His name Yossi Levy.
Yossi is a great artist himself, and a great friend. He also can be a great source of future referrals.
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

PS I love your Medical Justice Newsletter

Hi Roxy,

Thanks very much for having me last Friday. You have a first class team!
Could u please send me Dr. E's email so I may send a quick thank you.
Hope ur enjoying the warm weather--you left just before the snow came!

Jason M.D.

Hello Ed:

Merry Christmas and happy holidays.

I'm doing well.

Overall I'm very pleased with the results. Thanks for checking in and please give my regards to Jeff.


Hey ed! Everything is going good so far thank you for asking! if Dr.Epstein wants to do a video on my next visit ill do it. Everything was really such a pleasure with all of the staff and Dr.Epsteins awesome :) take care!

* Patient had revision rhinoplasty

Dear Dr. Epstein,

Thank you so much for following up post-op. I especially want to thank you for meeting with Julia on your day off.  It is the rare physician that would perform such a kind and responsible act.  You eased her mind and put my concerns at rest.  Julia is already thrilled with her results and I cannot wait to see her for myself.  I'll look forward to meeting you one day in the near future.  I am in my 40's and there will be work to be done...father time is less than kind!

Very sincerely,
Laura L

Thanks Michelle, Roxy and Doc E,

I'm healing quite quickly, all is going well. The swelling has gone down a ton, still some bruising, even all down my neck, but that is subsiding too.

I'm beginning to see the result of the mid face lift and it's superb. Good symmetry and a great look - just what I hoped for.

So my question is ---- can we schedule someone this week in the San Francisco area to take my stitches out. My surgery was Nov 4, Fri. So twelve days from that will be this Wed the 16th. I can't wait to get these things out.

Thanks for the incredible work. The surgery was spectacular.

I loved all your girls in the room with me, they're fantastic. Loved the music and that every now and then one of them would get up from a microscope to bust a couple of dance moves to the music. Makes for a very light and happy atmosphere. Loved it. Please thank them for me. So cute too!


* Patient had midfacelift and hair transplant procedure

Dear Dr.Epstein,

I want to tell you and your staff that you are an inspiring surgeon. The fact that you have studied and worked hard to improve people's self esteem is inspiring. I respect and admire you're hard work and expertise and am thankful for the time and work you have done on me.

Happy Holidays!

Everything went better than great. Doc did such an awesome job on my nose. My family flew in from N.Y. and they were nervous to see me because they didn't want me to look fake or like a different person, "because you know I had a few procedures" lol but they all loved it.

Thanks again

*Patient had revision rhinoplasty

Before After

Well done!

Thanks for everything

eyebrow patient | NYC eyebrow patient | FL

Hello Dan, just a quick hello to all the staff and Dr. Epstein recovery is going really well, will upload some pictures real soon, keep saying to my friends do I look different, there reply is what do u mean! no one seems to notice that i had it done which is brilliant, so im off to the Carribean in the next few weeks, so take care of yourselves. Love Audrey.

*Patient from London who had a revision rhinoplasty

Hi Ed;

Everything is just perfect!!! The surgery performed by Dr. Epstein met and exceeded my expectations and I am very happy with the results. Indeed Dr. Epstein got magic hands. A month after the surgery, I met a soldier from Mississippi and I am now engaged to be married. That is what I call instant results! ….LOL

Anyway, I have another of my friends that is interested in the face procedure that I had in May. Will be giving her your number for an appointment. Send my regards to Dr. Epstein.

Take Care Ed, I will be in touch!

Milady F

*Patient had midfacelift performed under oral sedation

Hi Ed,

I am absolutely thrilled after my touch up. My nose looks wonderful. Yay!

Dear Ed,

Thank you for your quick response.

We would like to thank Dr. Epstein and his whole crew (of course including you) for a very nice and professional treatment. We always feel very welcome and we've placed our trust in Dr. Epstein, his work has been remarkable.

We will keep you all updated in regards to the progress of the procedure.
It is essential to us, that during the procedures as has been the case up to now, Dr. Epstein feels free to remove as many graft as he considers in the best interest of patient and procedure.

We do mentioned this once more because it is quit an enterprise to arrange and schedule for the procedures from our side. Beside coming from abroad, even more impacting is coordinating work, family, healing time etc. So we appreciate Dr. Epstein's cooperation when based on his professional judgement he does extend the procedure (amount of graft).

Our kindest regards,

J & R

*Patient had lower lid blepharoplasty, hair transplant

Hi Dan!

I am back at home now resting, without any pain whatsoever. The procedure seemed to go very smoothly and I felt comfortable the whole time and never felt nervous at all. I can not wait to see my final results! Everyone,and I mean EVERYONE, I met at the office has been extremely friendly and caring. I have to give a very special thanks to you for being so attentive to the many questions I had sent to you leading up to the big day. I will be seeing Dr. Epstien again next week and I will give you more details about the final resuts.

Thanks again!

*Patient had revision rhinoplasty and chin implant procedure

Hello Dan, im back home and recovering all going very well, I was in awe of everyone and their kindness as I had a rough few days while I was there, but I do so much want to keep in touch with u all, and will be uploading some pictures regarding my progress real soon. Big kiss for Suzy and Cindy and the rest of the team. Thanks to everyone for all your help, and special Thanks to Doctor Epstein.

Hi Ed:

I am very happy with the results of the surgery. Thank you for asking. He knows why and you too. Today I had an appointment for check-up but I am getting ready to go to Colombia for 20 days so I had to cancel.

But I want him to see the change after the surgery and have his opinion as well.

I re-scheduled the appointment for October 6th.


Patient Testimonial | NYC Patient Testimonial | FL
Dr. Epstein,

Here are pictures 5 months after the procedure! I am very happy with
my nose!

Thanks again!


Dear Dr. Epstein,

It was a pleasure having you perform our son's procedure. You and your staff were very professional and helpful.

Unfortunately, we were unable to find time to make it back to Miami prior to flying back to France this week. Our son David has healed very well and is happy with his results. He is now able to sleep and breathe much better.

Mark M
Chemin de la Croix


Hey Jon! Thanks for checking in. I can say after all the operations I've been through all of my life, this is the first time I've been able to say I'm super excited with the results. Dr. Epstein is truly an artist in what he does. Everything went smoothly pre/post OP.

Thank you again for all your help, the office staff and Dr. Epstein.

Eternally grateful,


Dear Dr. Epstein,

I hope you and your family enjoyed your trip to Israel and you managed to relax and enjoy your time away. I only left Miami yesterday and arrived in the UK this morning, so I think I only just missed you. I can't believe the improvement in my nose and face, I am extremely happy with both. I never thought my nose could looks so normal and neat, I can't thank you enough! My neck still has a small pocket of swelling on each side which I think will be gone soon, so I'll wait for this to disappear before I send you photos, as I want you to see your work at its best! I now recognize my reflection in the mirror again and don't see my mother's face slowly replacing mine in my reflection! I will be back in Miami in October so maybe we can't catch up then. I am so grateful to you and everyone working with you for the kind care and attention I received. Cindy and Danny are just gorgeous and the smiling ladies at the front desk were so welcoming – thank you all!

Kind regards


Hi Ed,

First of all I want to thank you for all of your help. Thankfully my surgery went very well and I experienced no pain, just a slight discomfort from the swelling. The OR staff is amazing. They took such great care of me. I thank them all so much.

As for my results, it is still too soon to tell. My hump is gone which is exciting to see. I'm sure as time passes my results will get better and better.

Thanks again and have a wonderful weekend.


Hello Dan,

The procedure went well. Today I had the splint and some stitches removed. I am happy with the results I have seen. It definitely has exceeded my expectations.

I have nothing but good things to say about Dr. Epstein and his entire staff. I am pleased with the attention and service received.

Jacobo I

Hello Ed

Thank you so much for asking. She is doing extremely well. We are both very pleased with the results of her surgery, the professionalism of the staff, as well as the excellent care that she recieved. We are very happy with our decision to Choose Dr. Epstein to perform her surgery.


Hello Ed,

I have started seeing some regrowth, and I am very happy about the way things are turning out right now. This was a great decision, because the area that I had chosen to have treatment on looks a lot better than it did before I decided to have treatment. Thanks for the check-up, and I hope that results can continue to improve.

Thank you.

Dear Jeff,

I just wanted to thank you for all your teaching, mentorship and guidance during my fellowship and residency. You have truly been a motivation for my career path.

I will be leaving back to LA on Friday and will be joining an ENT group in Glendale / La Canada / Pasadena as I start my facial plastics practice (and hair of course!).

Thanks again for allowing me to join you in your clinic and OR, it was one of the best parts of my fellowship.


Dear Dr. Epstein:

Hi, Dr. Epstein!  Thank you very much for taking care of me last Friday!    I thank you for having been so patient with me and addressing all the issues on my list.  I am super excited that that big silicon "ball" is out of my chin.  I am also very happy that you took care of all the details I mentioned.

Have a wonderful summer, and see you soon!
Sarah C

P.S.  In my Ultimate Frisbee team of Baltimore, there are three doctors.  They fly.  I think doctors who play disc are super cool. 

I take elitist pride in knowing that my various cosmetic needs are managed by your excellent skills--and if someone asks, which is still a rare event, I like to f with them by saying your name and giving a shocked look if they don't immediately show recognition--as if they'd said they didn't know who Obama was, or Barry Bonds, or Tom Cruise (pick your industry). You don't know Dr. Jeff Epstein? Have you been living under a rock?

So, this is my testimonial to all of the Revision Rhinoplasty patients out there.

There is hope, always consult with a facial surgeon and look at plenty of photos.

I had my nose done three times by a famous Revision Rhinoplasty specialist in Beverly Hills who told me I should never touch my nose again that he felt he had done the best he could do with what I had. The last surgery with him was, placing ear cartiladge in the left alar graft to create an illusion that it was straight because my septum was so deviated that it was the only way he felt was the right thing to do. However I was left with a lump which made my tip look more crooked, the other thing, my columellar was hanging which looked like my nostrils were raised to far but he said he would not touch it, he was too afraid my tip would fall in the end.

I was so concerned and brain washed that the thought of doing surgery again and not being happy or my nose collapsing was daunting to say the least.

Then Dr. Epstein came into my life.

Dr. Epstein was very confident and said my nose could definitely look more aesthetically pleasing, although concerned at the amount of work that was in front of him and not quite knowing what to expect once he got in there, He was up for the challenge.

After surgery Dr. Epstein had this huge grin on his face. Well, I knew I was safe and became almost a little tearful.

I now take photos and not worry about how my nose is going to look. And for the first time at 38 I like my nose.

So ladies and gentleman please make sure you see Dr Epstein, he will let you know what is possible, he will be honest, guide you and tell you if it is worth trying again.

Thank you

Drew wrote:

"Just had Rhinoplasty by Dr. Epstein and I can say both him and his staff were very friendly and the results, even with the cast still on, look remarkable. I recommend him to anyone interested."

Click here to see other testimonials FHRPS Facebook page.

Dear Dr Epstein,

I am writing to express my thanks for the excellent surgery you performed. The procedure was indeed painless and your support staff were wonderfully supportive throughout.

I would even so far as to say that I would look forward to visiting with you again.

With kind regards

Anthony T

Hi Dan,

Thanks for your email.
I am doing just fine this evening.
I certainly had a great experience today.
Dr. Epstein and his staff are amazing.

We will communicate soon.
Again, please, relay my appreciation to Dr. Epstein and his staff.

Thank you,
Otto Q

Hi Dan,

It was nice putting a face to the voice. I must say that I was extremly happy with all of Dr. Epstein's employees. They have great personalities and seem to be a great asset to his company. After tons of research and finally choosing him for his expertise I felt even more at ease when I saw a magazine page voting him #1 in america at the airport on my way to you.


Brandy C

Thank you Dr. Epstein,
I appreciate that you made the time for me on Saturday.
I am very, very happy with my new nose, you did a fabulous job, considering what you
had to work with.
I will make an appointment before we leave for Colorado, which maybe sometime next
thanks again,:-)

It was a pleasure to see you. Thanks so much for your kind words. They should be addressed to Dr. Epstein who did a fantastic job for me. I get compliments all the time. What is special about it is that people cannot really put their finger on what I had done but they tell me I look good and refreshed. I will be calling soon for a botox appointment and will see you then.


Good morning Dan,

I really appreciate you checking on me. I want to thank you for all your help setting up my procedure, everyone was so nice and attentive. Dr. Epstein is an amazing surgeon, I had the most wonderful experience with him from beginning to end. When he removed the cast I almost started crying from the work he revealed to me. He is truly gifted, and humble! I can't even express how happy I am.

Thank you again!

Hi Roxy

I hope everything is going well. I wanted to thank you for taking care of me. It was a great experience. I am in recuperation now, my nose and hair look great. Still swollen but I am sure the end result will be amazing!!

Roxy, I have an appointment with Dr. Epstein on Thursday at 2 pm to take out the stitches. One of my good friends will take me there. She is also interested in doing the same procedure I had. She would like to know if you and the Dr would have time to see her Thursday and discuss the procedure with her, since she will be there waiting for me.

Please let me know.

Dear Jeff,

Thank you for your e-mail.

It's always a good idea referring a patient to you because I know that they will be rewarded with a well done surgery.

You can be proud of your superb results, and the patients are thankful because I send them to you.

Jeff, keep up the good work

Sincerely yours,
Marcelo Gandelman

Dr. Epstein,

Firstly I wanted to thank you and your team for the job that you did last week. Everyone was very kind and put me at ease very quickly.

Thanks for everything.


Hi Dan,

My apologies just got back to you today. Yeah, all Ok my swelling from my cheek implant is gone just a bit numbness still.

I will send you my pic this week sometime for Dr Epstein.

By the way, would you please send the best thank you and Appreciation for all team in your clinic. You all Fantastic and I did recommended all of this to people here.

Also Would you please tell Lynda Knight that she most welcome to came here and stay with me, if she like visiting OZ.


Afternoon Dr. E.,

Wanted to Thank You again for taking care of me on Friday. I really appreciate that you wanted to make my nose perfect, even though I was and am happy. It means a lot to me.

I am feeling slight discomfort today, and a little bit of swelling. Just taking regular Tylenol, vitamin c, arnica, applying arnica gel around the nose, and bacitracin on the stitches.

Anything else I should or shouldn't be doing? Icing etc.?

Once I take off the tape tomorrow I will send you some pictures...and again on Wednesday when I have the stitches taken out.

Thank you so very much,

Patient Testimonial in FL
Patient Testimonial in NYC

Thanks, Dan,

I'm healing very well and I'm absolutely thrilled with the results! He completely fixed the mess the other surgeon had made and my chin area looks better now than it did even when I was young!


Patient Testimonial >> NYC Patient Testimonial >> FL
Patient Testimonial - FL

Dr. E,

I came to see you on January 14th in New York. Just want to follow up with you. The swelling in the tip has gone down and softened. It looks fabulous!

Thank you,

Hi Jon,

I am doing great!! I am really glad that I took this decision and that you helped me to make the right choice by referring me to one of the most excellent doctors, who specialize in this

procedure. I am so excited to see my eyebrow grow very soon. I will always be thankful to you and Dr. Epstein for the excellent work.

Best Regards,
Adriana A

Dear Ed:

Sorry to take so long to answer this.

Have been very happy with the care and whole experience that I have had with Dr. E and his capable, gracious staff. I'm also very happy with the result--which is far better than I expected. Especially the neck! I'm living a pretty much normal life again; going to gym, playing tennis. Still a little uncomfortable around the ears. But assume those scars will fade soon. Anyway, just to let you know I'm very happy--and I have been getting great compliments and may have lined up a few future clients for you!

Hope to see you soon.

Thanks for your email.



that's fantastic. I will remember you for any of my patients.

I was going to write you as well. I wanted to compliment you on your management style and bedside manner. It's obvious that you care not only about your patients but your staff. It shines through in the hardwork the staff performs with a great attitude. I admire that in you, and hope I treat my staff and patients with the same respect and compassion.

Thank you again for your service today. I'll keep in touch.

Best wishes,

Hey Dr E

wanted to send you these.
I met Dr Dayan he checked my nose and even asked if it was an "open" one ( in a way that he didn't think that is was)
So in other words healing pretty nicely and it looks fab.
Thank you Thank you Thank you.
Hope you and everyone in the office are well. Pretty cold here!

I want to thank you for giving me a nose that I have always wanted. After having three rhinoplasty's my nose has not been the easiest to get aesthetically pleasing. However as you said you "Rose to the Challenge".
It has been an easy recovery considering you practically re-did everything! Dorsum, deprojection, columella, Osteotomy's, septum.
My nose suits my face and I can breath.
Loving it, loving it, loving it

Thank you so very much

Dr. Epstein,

It is already evident that you did a quite wonderful job. Though I am constricted to wearing dark sunglasses for awhile I am most happy with my decision to have this surgery and pleased more every day with the results. Thanks also to your fine staff for their care in the hours post-Op. They were more patient with me after a long day of work than duty required them to be. Anyway, I will keep in touch and be sure to send photos when the bruises abate.

Best wishes,

P.S. Have a fine Xmas!

Dr Epstein,

I want to thank you and your staff for your professional and caring atmosphere environment you presented 2 weeks ago. Everyone in the room seemed to work so well together.

Once again thank you for your service and I hope the results are great so we can all be proud of the worked performed!


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Dr. Epstein, I will definitely be seeing you in NYC in January,
so you can see where we need to go (if anywhere) from there. The swelling keeps going down, and the tip continues to get
softer. The numbness has gone down a bit as well...and I can smile :) Still no one has noticed!! I love it!!

I attached pictures of my progress that I took on December 1st.
Thank you for the continued support on my progress,


Patient testimonial - FLDr. Epstein I will be forever grateful for all you have done for me your work is priceless to me because you can't put a price on happiness and you gave me great happiness

I wish you, your family and wonderful staff a happy, healthy and safe holiday season.

Warm Regards.


Dr. epstein is so approachable and personable, which made me feel comfortable right away. He understood exactly what I wanted and he not only fulfilled that ,but did more to enhance my nose to fit my face. He is so artistic and knows exactly how to use his hands. I realize how hard it is to undo someone else's mistake and to revise it.

I am more than thrilled with the outcome and thank Dr. epstein of course, and the hard working staff.

Best Regards,

Hi Maureen,

I want to say thank you!!! I am still healing but so far so good. I really could not be happier with Dr Epstein and the rest of the staff esp you!! You all are amazing!! Tell Dr Epstein THANK YOU SO MUCH!! He was very sweet and I was really nervous. He really made me feel comfortable though.

Just wanted to say thanks to all of you!!

My Dear Doctor,

I had a better sleep last night, after the tape removal and cleaning to my nose yesterday. This makes me realize how important is to be in the hands of a good Doctor. I know you have done all the possible to make this a successful surgery, and as the days go by, I will see the results.

I sincerely want to thank you for your special care and patience with me. Also, I want to extend my gratitude to your warm and professional staff, which made the recovery process more pleasant.

I am looking forward to see you on Tuesday.


Dr. Eptstein,

Just a quick note to thank you again for everything yesterday. I'm home now and everthing seems to be going well, will keep you updated. Everyone I met at your office was so helpful and nice, I can't imagine a better group of people to work with. big hugs to all of you.

Dave D

My Dear Doctor,

I had a better sleep last night, after the tape removal and cleaning to my nose yesterday. This makes me realize how important is to be in the hands of a good Doctor. I know you have done all the possible to make this a successful surgery, and as the days go by, I will see the results.

I sincerely want to thank you for your special care and patience with me. Also, I want to extend my gratitude to your warm and professional staff, which made the recovery process more pleasant.

I am looking forward to see you on Tuesday.


Hi Michelle - Thanks for the email. I'm doing great! I'm so glad I went through with the rhinoplasty surgery, and even happier that I went with Dr. Epstein. He truly is a master at what he does. Thanks again for checking in, and I will see you all in three months for my six month follow up. Take care.

- Glenn

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Hi Roxy,

I can't remember if I sent you post-op photos yet. Anyhow, I've attached frontal and angle photos. I got great results for both my lips and eyebrows, and I look a lot more masculine because of it.


Hi Roxy,

I hope all is well with you!

I've healed quite well from the revision rhinoplasty surgery and returned to normal activities now. I believe Dr. Epstein has helped my situation a great deal and the improvement is significant.

Best regards,

Hi Dan,

I am back on my feet and really I feel as good as can be.

In fact, I am so pleased with the results so far that I still can't believe I actually went through with it and completed the surgery. It really does feel surreal that after so many years of waiting to get the nose surgery done, it finally happened and that in the end I feel very pleased that I still look and feel the same.

I thank you for your help and also the staff for being so kind, but more importantly Dr. Epstein for his great expertise.

I am leaving tomorrow to Panama and I cannot wait to start living a new lifestyle with more confidence.

Warm regards,
Vanessa J. G.

Dear Dr. Epstein,

I just wanted to let you know that I love my new nose!! I am so thankful for what you have done for me. I have been very fixated on my nose for a long time. But thank you for being very patient and kind with me. I'll see you at the follow up. Thank you again!!! :)


I am in Italy and just wanted you to pass along my regards to Dr. Epstein & Roxy that I am extremely pleased with Dr. Epstein's work. I had inquired about a body plastic surgeon for my wife and certainly if she decides to proceed with the procedure she will call the physicians Dr. Epstein recommended.

Daryl Z.

Dr. E is an artist, esp. when it comes to noses. He corrected my breathing problems (from a broken nose) internally, and he improved the external look of my nose, making it smoother, squarer, and cuter. I gave him only minimal information about my concerns, and then put my trust in his aesthetic talents, which are substantial. That he made all the right choices (since I was under general anesthesia) is a skill that is only partially related to his long experience and training; Dr. E has a gift.

(A note about discomfort: The surgery for me was painless. I took only a couple of Motrin the first day after surgery, and nothing after that. But the clogging in my nasal passages, which bled for the first 24 hours, then crusted up, was uncomfortable. My nose finally clogged completely. The only relief was having my nose vacuumed at the office, which allowed me to breath. Also I had substantial swelling and bruising for days following, as well as slight bruising even two weeks later. I considered it all very minor compared to the aftermath of other forms of surgery and worth it given the results.)"


Dear Dr. Epstein,

I hope you are well, as always, looking forward to this Wednesday for my second Sculptra treatment. After this, I know I will miss coming to see you!

It has been a joyful experience, to beautify my face with you.

You are wonderful, not only as a doctor, but as a person.

Thank you for everything,

Dear Dr. Epstein,

I am writing to say thank you. I feel very fortunate that amongst all the plastic surgeons in Miami, I selected a doctor who not only is very talented, but made my 'dream nose,' if you will, come to life. Moreover, everyone at the office: from the front desk (Michelle and Llana (sp)) to the nurses (Cindy and several others), and of course Roxy, were so considerate, warm, and gracious, I forgot I was even at a doctor's office. From my first email of inquiry to the recovery room I received personalized, professional, and attentive care.

Thank you again Dr. Epstein for your unparalleled skill, attention-to-detail, and for being so kind, and to the office for their exceptional service. See you in July for the check-up.

Many Thanks,

Hi Dan,

Thanks for checking in. Valntin is doing great. He is back to normal and looking forward to playing outside soon. We are keeping an eye on him and following the post surgery instructions. He had a lot of good thig to say about Dr. Estein and the staff. You guys exceeded our expectations and I was pleased to know that he was in the best hands. Thank you.

Dear Doctor Epstein, I have given all your business cards to my friends. I will pick up more on Wednesday, they all love the way my face looks and notice the improvements. Thank you.

I have only one question: From your perspective, do you find I am wrinkle or the character lines are o.k.?


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Hi Dr. Jeff,

Yes! I have lots of new hair. I was never a disbeliever just somewhat impatient.( sorry) Nowadays I am looking good and feeling great about everything.

I can't really thank you and your staff enough.

Big Mahalo,
Craig G


Thank you Dr. Epstein, for giving me beauty again, your talent, your wisdom, and great hands are a blessing to all women who need it.

I look forward in seeing you again on the 17th, I was not sure I sent my e-mail correctly to you, so I sent another one to Dan for you.

Many Blessings,

Dr. Epstein,

I wanted to thank you again for everything! I already see a great improvement. I really enjoyed the nurses as well, and my overall experience was awesome! Thank you so much for being so sensitive to my situation and putting your all into trying to correct what was done so awful.

I can't thank you enough and I can't wait to see the results. And I will look forward to seeing you again in 10 months for a final go around.

My sincere thanks!

Hey Ed! Everything's going great. Dr. E. noticed that my nose was turning ever-so-slightly to one side, so he just wanted to see me at the end of April to make sure that it was only a temporary thing.

My experience has been great! I know it's still healing (there's one stitch remaining), but every day it looks a little better. People notice that there's something different about me, but they can't figure out what - which is exactly what I was hoping for. Start to finish, I'm extremely happy with how things have gone, beginning with the consult I had with you.

Again, I couldn't be happier with the result. Thanks so much for all your help and for following up with me.

All the best,

The hair has started to thicken nicely over the past month. The plastics work – including my facelift and body liposuction - seems to have "settled" and looks good.

I have had numerous compliments on my "work". Everyone says it looks completely natural.

Right now I am working with a nutritionist on weight reduction, so the whole package should be complete in a few month.

Thank you for everything you have done.


Dear Dr. Epstein,

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your wonderful work and for accommodating me during my last visit. I am looking forward to the results.

I would like also to mention how great your staff is. They are all so warm and welcoming and that speaks volume.

I am healing nicely but I am not sure if I am allowed to wash my face now or wait. I got 2 different opinions about that issue.

Please advise at your convenience.

In closing, have a great year and thanks again for all your wonderful work.



Please let Dr. Epstein know that he is blessed with great hands and great talent.

Only 3 hours have passed and many notice my new look. I went with his suggestion of Sculptra, poly-l-lactic, and it did wonders to my face. I look a'lot younger, everything is balance, natural looking, and gorgeous!!!!!!

I am in great gratitude, thanks for all your e-mails to get me in there, I usually do not visit doctors but now I look forward in seeing Dr. Epstein.

I will tell all my friends, family, and co-workers to go visit him and see for themselves his technique, skill, and sweetness, delivers high quality work and beautiful, smiling , faces.

Thank you, a million times, and thank Dr. Epstein a trillion times!

I hope the before and after pictures came out well.

Joy M. B

There is truly no way I can show appreciation for what you did for me.

This is going to sound corny but many doctors add years to your life. For me you have added life to my years. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

As promised I will keep in touch.
Steve G.

Hi Dr. Epstein,

Doing great, other than the few expected bruises. The chin and neck contouring of my neck look terrific, and the little hair grafts on my scalp and eyebrows look nicely spaced. Lura's very happy with her "new" look. We'll of definitely send you some pictures in a month or so.

Our thanks again to you and your staff for your great talent and care. A special "hi" to Cindy as well.

On a personal note my younger son just called this morning and announced their baby girl is about to arrive so I'm about to become a grandfather with a 45 yr. old face. Very cool.

Best regards to all!
Burke (& Lura)

HI Jon,

Thank you all for being so wonderful! I LOVE my new nose.

although, I know that Dr. E. wants to see me, I simply was not able to make the trip down south. I will ask, Lynda, to send you any follow-up information for your records. If Dr. E. can make it up to Aventura at some time, I would of course, love to see him.

Meanwhile, will you please let him know that I've contacted you, and that I am most grateful and happy with my surgery...and all of the wonderful people in your office.

Thank you again for everything. You are a delight to work with.


Dear Roxy,

I hope all is well with you. It is now about 6 months after my operation, and I am delighted with the results. The eyebrows grew back beautifully. And the nose, after some getting used to (primarily by myself), has claimed its natural place on my face like it has always been there in this form. At first I was very worried at how people would react to the new look, but it was interesting that only few people saw anything different, apart from thinking I was looking great. They just could not pin point what exactly
had changed. I must say that now that I have the nose correction done, I realize that the somewhat unusal shape of my nose did bother me and I am happy that I had the operation.

I am contacting you because I would like to make an appointment with dr. Epstein during my next visit to Miami. I will be in town for my annual check up on February 22 and 23 and will be available to stop by in the afternoon of any of the two days. I hope it is not too short notice, but I just need a few minutes to show the results

I am looking forward to seeing you soon.


Can you please forward to Dr. E and tell him I love Dysport and of course him :)

Took 5 years plus off my face!


Hey there!

My eyes are truly looking fresh and fabulous;-).... And some of my customers have been taking notice, and of course I am bragging about what a wonderful surgeon you are.

Hi Jon;

Thank you for checking in.. My procedure went well..I am feeling pretty good and I will be coming in for suture removal on the 19th

Thanks again.. As usual, your staff and the professionalism and skills of Dr. Epstein are exceptional...


Thanks for seeing me today and I am thankful for how I look now and know it is because of you and your staff.(by the way you can put this in your book of thank you letters.)


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Hi Ed,

Good to hear from you. Chin implant.... D best thing I've done to my face... I have a strong, masculine jaw.



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Dear Dr. Jeffrey , Roxy and Stuff

You are wonderful. I wish you the best every day.
Happy New Year 2010.

Beatriz and Yves



I do want to thank you and Dr. Epstein for all your help.

My only experience with Doctors before this was GPs, and I must say this was the most unstressful, convenient, and ethical experience I have ever had at a Dr's office. I can honestly say this is the only time I have ever felt that a Dr. was looking out for my best interest.

I will be recommending you guys to anyone I know that is looking for a plastic surgeon.


Things are great!

Dr. Epstein did incredible work for me and I am eternally grateful in more ways than I can ever be able to list! I was very depressed about my situation for many years, and now every time I look in the mirror I am happy! What a difference in my life overall, you have no idea. If I ever consider other proceedures in the future, I will consult with him first. I appreciate your checking in with me, and send my regards to Dr. E. Also if he ever needs a referral or if a prospective client wants to hear how great my
experience has been, I am happy to share...

Happy New Year!

Hi Roxy and Dr. Epstein,

I just wanted to say thank you again. Everyone at the office is so great and makes the procedure go so smoothly. I appreciate the time and all the work that went into my procedure. Linda was great and I love the shape of the brows. I truly hope that this does it for me. It's nice to feel human again. Losing my eyebrows has been such a hard thing for me to go through but you guys all make it easier. Again thank you for everything and I'll send you guys some updated pictures after a while. If there is anything
I can do to help you guys please let me know.

Thank you again for everything!!

Hi Doc,

Hey Doc, I just wanted to wish a you a very happy holiday season and Happy New Year. As you know, you are #1 with me. Thanks for everything you have done for me. I really appreciate it. It is so nice to have a great doctor and a great guy caring for you. I know that it is extremely important that you are a great doctor, but believe me, it is also important that you are a great guy. I wish nothing but the best for you and your family.

If I can help you in any way, let me know. I would be happy to help. You have a great staff. They are all so nice to me.

Best of luck to you. I am sure we will be in touch at some point. I feel very blessed to have you as my doctor. Thanks again!

Very truly yours,
Bruce B.

Good afternoon

I just returned from your office.

What a great staff you have.

I was very fearful of having the staples out... thought I should take a pain pill... have someone drive me etc. Jackie was EXCELLENT!!!

Said why not let us take one out and see how you feel then.... one smart girl.

Your staff is very compassionate and that is so important.

Have a great long weekend and wonderful holiday.

Dear Dr. Epstein,

I wanted to Thank you & your staff. You were my last chance at fixing my eyebrows and the burns scars that I have lived with for two very long years.

I am so Thankful for what you have done for me!! Hopefully when the hairs grow back in I will be able to look in the mirror again and smile.

You & your staff are awesome, I was treated so good. Like you said, It's hard to please a Scorpio and You Have in every way!! Please take care and Happy Holidays,

I will send pictures in 3-4 months when the hairs grow in.

Angela B

I have every intention of following up with having my neck done and the revision on the hair replacement on my right side.

Recently I saw Dr. Linda Marraccini, my GP (in your building), for a physical and I mentioned that I was going to have some cosmetic surgery with you and she told me you are one of the most incredibly talented surgeons ever. She told me that you could probably rebuild an entire face you were so skilled and that I would never have to worry about a bad outcome with you. Just thought you might like to know what your peers say about you.


Good morning Dr E.

I fly off this afternoon. I would like to thank you and your fabulous team for making my surgery a good experience.

See you next year

Patient Rhinoplasty testimonial | Florida |  New YorkHi, Dr. Epstein

Today is my birthday and Yves took this picture of me.
I am sending your photoshop imagen and my new nose and happy face today.
Thank you doctor and to all your staff.

Beatriz O


Dear Dr. Epstein

Thank you very much for being such a warm and friendly physician.
Your kind manner and great care make you and your organization a fantastic team to be under.

Not are, but twice, If I had to repeat something you are on top of my list.

Please know you have a friend in Mexico.


Hi Doc E.,

How are you doing?

I wanted to pass these pictures along of my nose. The profile picture looks great, the bridge is round and NOT broken this too is good. The chin is coming along nicely and helps the profile. I think the nose has come along way, as it was twisted broken and not fixed right, lots of issues. I have always wanted it straight.

Chris B.

Hi Dr Epstein.,

Yesterday wasn't so bad today is hell. The implant area is sore or more sore than it had been, It also seems swollen. Did it look swollen when I was there? Is it normal for the implant area to swell for a few days after procedure? The scar area is quite painful. So much so that I have decided to put off shoulder surgery this wed as I need the pain pills and perhaps also my body can't handle it. I didn't realize the extent the scar area would be traumatized at least it feels pretty bad, even to look at it looks

Thanks for meeting me yesterday.
Chris B.

Hi Ed,

What a cordial response! I bet you are very busy being Dr. Epstein's patient advisor. My husband, Burke, and I accidently happened upon Dr. Epstein about 8 years ago and it was the best piece of luck we've ever had! I've recommended him to many people and always mention how high he scored on his board exams. Hah! I went back to work two weeks after my face-lift and no one suspected anything other than I looked well-rested.

We would life to submit photos to you as soon as we take some up close shots. Burke is interested in, guess what?, MORE HAIR!!! His transplanted hairs took very well on the top front of his head, but he needs to fill in the open spot toward the back and a little more on the front hairline. I am interested in either a mini-midfacelife or a mid-facelift. I have high cheekbones already but they would look a lot better if they were north about 1/2 inch or so. Also, does Dr. Epstein go in through the undereye
or the inside of the mouth to get to the cheek muscles or does he prefer an endoscopic approach through the temples? He did such good work around the my ear area. I might also need some laser resurfacing under my right eye as I ran into a tree branch while mowing the lawn on our tractor mower and the small injury site has a few scars. I would be willing to do whatever Dr. Epstein suggests. Maybe a full face lift would work also since I already have the incisions, but this approach might not lift the midface.

Thanks for your reply and we will be sending photos shortly.

Lura O
Burke O

Hi Dr. E.,

I wanted to thank you and your staff for taking such good care of me last week. Everything is going as expected and I'm looking forward to a fabulous result. You mentioned that you could refer me to one of your colleagues in Palo Alto or Menlo Park to have my stitches removed and I'd very much appreciate that. Since I had my surgery last Wednesday, I should schedule the stitches removal for this coming Monday, August 31, right?

BTW, over the weekend I saw several episodes of Miami Social, including the season finale. The show itself is dreadful (and kinda boring), but you came out great! I hope that works out for you. Michael seems like a nice guy, too.

Thanks again for all your work on my behalf and for making this whole process easy and comfortable for me.

All the best,

Dr. Epstein,

Thank you very much. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your following up on this. After all the research I'd done, I've remained confident that the decision to go through with this was right and that you were the right surgeon to do it, and I'd just told my Aunt yesterday that I was certain I'd hear back from you.

Thanks again for your help,

Hello Roxy,

Sorry I have not gotten your email and responded sooner, but it was in the spam box, anyways, I am interested in either botox or this new product, to be done on my forehead facial lines.

I would like to set up an appointment for Monday, Aug 3rd, if available, please if you can email this info, and I will call you to confirm.

Thank you and Dr. Epstein and Jon, great service you provide and highest level of communication skills in keeping your "clients" informed and willingness to extend a much well received welcoming.


Dr. E. & Staff

Patient Testimonial | FL | New York

Thank you so much for your kindness, compassion, guidance, professionalism, & talent!
"Every step of the way!"

You all Rock
Thumbs Up



That is so nice of you to check in. Everything is going well and I am extremely pleased with the results of the procedure. Please tell Dr. Epstein I send my regards and I am sure I will be contacting you again when I age necessitates that I need another procedure.

Be well. in!
D. L. Z.

Dear Jeffery,

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you! You have always taken such good care of me and my family and I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate everything you do for us. You are always so generous with us! I wish I could swing to have my eyes done, then mini lift, and of course a regular regime of botox and restalyne. You know you are my 'go to' doc for all my beauty secrets. I'm sure my time will come, brace yourself, I'll be calling!

Hope you are well.


Hi Roxy,

Hope your well? I arrived back in London yesterday and everything seems to be healing very well.

Thank everyone for me you guy's are all great and made me feel so welcome and cared for which was very much needed!!! Speak soon,
Christa xoxo

PS: I'll send photo's as soon as all has settled and grown in!

I would like to share my rhinoplasty experience with those considering or moving forward with a "nose job". I had an absolutely wonderful experience thanks to the very talented and skilled Dr. Jeffrey S. Epstein and would like to reassure others that this procedure can be relatively painless and change your life for the better if you choose the right doctor like I did.

Obviously, I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Jeffrey S. Epstein as he was my plastic surgeon when I had the procedure done 7 months ago. I was 27 and had the surgery in Miami, FL where he currently has his practice (although he also has an office in NYC). I will start off saying that I thought about changing my nose since I was a kid. In a way, I always knew I would eventually have it corrected. Although I wished I could change my nose as long as I can rememberI have to admit that I don't believed my old nose (too large
for my face and with a huge hump on the top) hindered me from social activities or being successful at life. However, now with my new practically perfect nose for my frame face; life is SO much better. My confidence has skyrocketed and I know it is a direct result of my rhinoplasty.

When I met Dr. Epstein for my first consultation I was very impressed by his before and after pictures as well as his knowledge on facial plastic surgery. He was very professional and attentive to what it was I wanted to achieve with the surgery. I had a few consultations with other plastic surgeons in Miami to compare, but none made me feel at ease like Epstein. A lot of my girlfriends have had breast enhancements so I visited their doctors, but it was soon clear to me that I need a surgeon who specializes in
the face, not a surgeon who performs 20 breast augmentations and 30 liposuctions a day and oh, the occasional nose job. Needless to say, Epstein pointed out ALL the flaws with my nose that needed corrected including cartilage reduction and thinning, while the others just noted the bump. Epstein is a perfectionist and believe me when I say, when it comes to your nose; the central feature on your face, the one thing you are absolutely unable to hide from the world and cant cover up if it goes wrong; you WANT a

Long story short, I woke up with little-no pain from the surgery. I had heard horror stories of people having tremendous pain, but I am now convinced those experiences had to be from less gentle care during surgery because I had NONE. I just had my 7 month follow up a few days ago and I will tell you what I told Dr. Epstein; I am forever grateful and will recommend him 4-EVA!

Janette M.

Patient Testimonial Photo | FL | New YorkI am very happy with the MAGIC you.

Performed with brow lift. :)

Have a great Holiday.


Hi. Dr. Epstein,

Good afternoon! Just want to make sure it is ok for me to take off tape today. I would like to preserve the best shape possible for my new nose. So any other tips/suggestions appreciated.

Thank you...you are THE BEST!

PS: Didn't feel a thing when you took out the stitches on Friday...Thanks.



I cannot say thank you enough for all of your efforts.

I received a beautiful room with a beautiful view and an elegant fruit display.
I am now resting away - will finish the cosmetic surgery toxic-murder thriller - and hopefully get a massage in the morning.
Please inform the Doc that yes, I will probably need to come in tomorrow for more blood evacuation - i am wearing the velcro vice you all so graciously supplied, and I am doing my best to heal it all up as fast as possible so that my name can go down as just one more feather in the Epstein/Labrada cap of cosmetic success.
I am truly grateful to you and everyone on your team.
I have been in distress, and I can tell that everyone really does care a lot.
The attitude has been a giant blessing!

God Bless,
Russell B.

Dear Dr. Epstein,

Patient Testimonial Photo | FL | NYC

Its coming up on my one year anniversary since my procedure and Im not wanted you recognize that by reaching out to you and thinking you for the beautiful work you did on my eyebrow, and to let you know that my life has improved so much because of your help. The procedure is a miracle, and every day I wake up and look in the mirror and remember that. I also remember how grateful I am that you could help me. You are an amazing doctor and artist. Your work is truly PRICELESS!

Thank you again so much
Kate Welsh


I would like to share my rhinoplasty experience with those considering or moving forward with a 'nose job'. I had absolute wonderful experience thanks to the very talented and skilled Dr. Jeffrey S. Epstein and would like to reassure others that this procedure can be relatively painless and change your life for the better if you choose the right doctor like I did.

Obviously, I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Jeffrey S. Epstein as he was my plastic surgeon when I had the procedure done 7 months ago. I was 27 and had the surgery in Miami, FL where he currently has his practice (although he also has an office in NYC). I will start of saying that I thought about changing my nose since I was a kid. In a way, I always 'knew' I would eventually have it corrected. Although I wished I could change my nose as long as I can remember.I have to admit that I don't believed my old nose (too large
for my face and with a huge hump on the top) hindered me from social activities or being successful at life. However, now with my new practically perfect nose for my frame face; life is SO much better. My confidence has skyrocketed and I know it is a direct result of my rhinoplasty.

When I met Dr. Epstein for my first consultation I was very impressed by his before and after pictures as well as his knowledge on facial plastic surgery. He was very professional and attentive to what it was I wanted to achieve with the surgery. I had a few consultations with other plastic surgeons in Miami to compare, but none made me feel at ease like Epstein. A lot of my girlfriends have had breast enhancements so I visited their doctors, but it was soon clear to me that I need a surgeon who specializes in
the face, not a surgeon who performs 20 breast augmentations and 30 liposuctions a day and oh, the occasional nose job. Needless to say, Epstein pointed out ALL the flaws with my nose that needed corrected including cartilage reduction and thinning, while the others just noted the bump. Epstein is a perfectionist and believe me when I say, when it comes to your nose; the central feature on your face, the one thing you are absolutely unable to hide from the world and can't cover up if it goes wrong; you WANT a

Long story short, I woke up with little-no pain from the surgery. I had heard horror stories of people having tremendous pain, but I am now convinced those experiences had to be from less gentle care during surgery because I had NONE. I just had my 7 month follow up a few days ago and I will tell you what I told Dr. Epstein; I am forever grateful and will recommend him 4-EVA!

Janette M.

December 26, 2006
Patient Testimonial Photo | FL | NY Patient Testimonial Photo | Florida | NY
Dr. Epstein,
I hope you had a very Happy
could not be happier! I can not
thank you enough. I truly feel blessed to have no bruising, minimal
swelling and be two-days completely off pain medicine, you have an amazing talent. I am still cleaning my nares with sterile saline and using the antibiotic ointment 3x daily. The stitches were removed with no problem, no bleeding.

Patient Photo | Florida | NY Also, hopefully you will be able to see me in a few months or
so, as since you did such a fabulous job on me and were so
kind when talking with my mother, she would love to meet
you and have blepharoplasty. Thankfully, her schedule is
much more flexible than mine!
Here are some more post operative photos. Again,
thank you to you and your staff for going above and beyond to help
me, especially given my challenging circumstances.



Hi Dr E,

You are not only a great MD- I am impressed by your kindness to others.

Everything seems normal,no swelling to speak of.

Many thanks, Jonpaul.

Dr. Jeff

This procedure accomplished exactly what I was after, and changed my life for the better. I love it, and think it's perfect.

I could tell you how much this has done for my self-confidence but then I imagine you knew that would happen. What a lucky guy you are to have such an impact on so many lives. Thanks again to you and your staff for the kindness and the extra effort they all made. I never once felt uncomfortable and for me that's saying a lot.


Dr Epstein

I just wanted to ask you to pass my sincere thanks on to all the girls at your surgery for how well they treated me before, during and after my procedure. It was something that I was nervous, anxious and slightly embarassed about embarking on but they put me totally at ease and made the experience as tolerable as possible.

Kind regards


Great job! I think you are doing a great service to your field by emphasizing appropriate training and expertise in surgical procedures at a time when there is a concerted effort by the government and the insurance industry to dumb down the practice of medicine and surgery. I am appalled at the emerging casual attitude toward plastic surgical and cosmetic procedures. Something needs to change. I have seen progressive improvement in hair density and the definition of my hairline. I will send you some new photos.
I've been very busy, but have managed to reduce my hours to 6 hours/d Mon-Thu. After all, we have one life to live!

Regards to all your staff.


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