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The field of plastic surgery has had some incredible developments in new procedures over the past several years. Examples include Botox® injections for wrinkles, laser skin resurfacing, and endoscopic techniques. In addition, the results of more conventional procedures have dramatically improved due to refinements in technique. Examples include "open" rhinoplasty for refinement in cosmetic nasal surgery, and deep plane facelift techniques for more natural and longer lasting results, and follicular unit micrografting for undetectable results in hair transplantation.

Our surgeons utilize new state-of-the-art techniques only after they have proven their value through scientific analysis and his own personal observations.

Rhinoplasty and Septorhinoplasty
Cosmetic and functional nasal surgery

Blepharoplasty and Browlifting
Cosmetic surgery of the eyelids and eye region endoscopic forehead lift

Surgery of the Neck and Aging Face
Facelift (rhytidectomy) and necklift liposuction of the neck

Surgery for protruding ears

Surgical Hair Restoration for Men and Women

Plasty Surgery for Men

Non-Surgical Treatments: Fillers and Muscle Relaxing Agents

Laser and Chemical Skin Resurfacing
Nonsurgical treatment of aging skin

Chin Implants

Lip Sculpting and Repair

Revision Surgery
Repair of the results of prior plastic surgery

Computer Imaging

Non-Surgical Permanent Facial and Neck Rejuvenation


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