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Dr. Epstein regularly lectures and teaches locally and nationally,
has been published in many scientific journals and textbooks,
and has been featured in the press and on television.

A R T I C L E S   B Y   D R.   E P S T E I N

Forget 'The Rachel' New York women are now shelling out big bucks for celebrity brow implants like 'The Megan'. Featuring Dr. Epstein on eyebrow hair transplants.

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Dr. Epstein in Sister 2 Sister magazine

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GQ article on A Whole New Blad Game Read more

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Dr. Epstein appears in Newsweek in an article entitled "A Manly Comeback" about chest and beard hair transplants

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Vogue Article Features Dr. Epstein in "Beauty, Health & Fitness"

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The Beauty Makers, included an entire chapter on Dr. Epstein as part of a book showcasing 25 top plastic surgeon in the United States. "The doctors profiled in this book have earned their reputations as artisans, representing a small but incomplete list of this country's best."

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Of the many articles by Dr. Epstein,
the following are currently available to read online:

Hair Restoration for Women
Hairline Advancement: Treatment Options and Techniques
Hair Restoration Revision Techniques
Management of Infraorbital Dark Circles
The "Electric" Otoplasty

(see a full listing of publications at bottom of page)

A R T I C L E S   F E A T U R I N G   D R.   E P S T E I N

"Plastic Surgery- More boomer men try nips, tucks"
(Miami Herald Cover Story Features Dr. Epstein)

Herald Columnist Ana Veciana-Suarez turned to Dr. Epstein for a front page story on the growth in plastic surgery for men. According to Epstein, for whom 70% of his patients are men, "For the baby boomer generation, looking good and looking young has always been very important". To explain the 25% increase in patients from the same time last year, he attributed the improvement in the economy, stating "There's pent up demand. I think there was a lot of job insecurity at one point and people weren't willing to spend the money."

Specializing in surgical hair restoration and facial plastic surgery, Dr. Epstein has seen particular growth in the demand for facial rejuvenation procedures (face and necklifts, eyelid surgery, hair restoration) and rhinoplasty. Most procedures are performed in his accredited office operating rooms, where patients can be assured a private and comfortable experience.

To learn more about Dr. Epstein's work in hair restoration, go to www.foundhair.com, and for his work in plastic surgery, go to www.plasticsurgeryoftheface.com.

The Miami Herald reviewed the different medical and surgical options for treating hair loss. Dr. Epstein was the featured hair transplant expert, offering his opinion on finasteride, hair transplantation, and other issues on hair loss.
Selecta Magazine
profiled Dr. Epstein''s work in state-of-the-art hair restoration. Selecta is a Spanish language magazine with one of the largest readerships in the Americas.
Palm Beach Illustrated
featured Dr. Epstein in a story about fashion and style.
Latin Trade Magazine
ran an article about Dr. Epstein''s work in hair transplantation.

S C I E N T I F I C   P A P E R S   A N D   P R E S E N T A T I O N S   B Y   D R.   E P S T E I N

Dr. Epstein served on the faculty of the 20th Annual Facial Aesthetic Symposium, held in Atlanta. He spoke on a variety of hair restoration topics, including eyebrow restoration, repair of prior work, and the newest incisionless techniques.

Dr. Epstein has been invited to become part of the RealSelf Medi-Beauty Media Panel - a hand-selected group of respected physicians to speak with the media about plastic surgery. RealSelf is the internet's most respected source of education for the public about plastic surgery and plastic surgeons.

In addition to his being recognized by the lay press as an expert in his field, Dr. Epstein is also highly regarded by his peers. He is a Clinical Professor at the Univeristy of Miami, his alma matter, and teaches regularly at scientific meetings nationally and internationally. Also, Dr. Epstein has been published in numerous scientific journals and textbooks including:

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Archives of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Hair Transplant Forum International
Yearbook of Dermatologic Surgery
Current Therapy in Otolaryngology
International Journal of Aesthetic and Restorative Surgery
American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery
Hair Replacement
by D.B. Stough
eMedicine Online Textbook
(Spanish language textbook)

T E L E V I S I O N   A P P E A R A N C E S   O F   D R.   E P S T E I N

Recent television appearances include:

Dr. Epstein was featured in two of the most popular Spanish language television shows. Both Despierto America, broadcast worldwide on Univision, and the Padre Alberto Show, broadcast worldwide on Telemundo, featured Dr. Epstein and several of his patients for stories on plastic surgery and hair transplantation.
Channel 6
featured Dr. Epstein on a story about Myobloc©, a product similar Botox©. This treatment for wrinkles may be more effective.
Channel 7
interviewed Dr. Epstein on today''s trends for a story on plastic surgery for men.
Channel 4
News featured Dr. Epstein''s new techniques in follicular unit micrografting hair transplantation.
Channel 10
News interviewed Dr. Epstein and two of his patients on the benefits in the workplace of undergoing facial rejuvenation surgery in "Looking Good to Get Ahead." For Ken, the hair restoration provided him with more confidence when going into the boardroom. For Pat, eyelid and facelifts took away her anxiety over younger employees posing a challenge to her job position.
Channel 6
News'' Ileana Bravo, Health Reporter, illustrated the surge in interest of men having plastic surgery by following the surgical course of Bob, who underwent hair restoration and a facelift. Three weeks after the surgery performed by Dr. Epstein, Bob was back at work, giving public presentations.
Good Morning America en Espanol
Broadcast worldwide, Dr. Epstein appeared on the Spanish Univision network top rated show Despierto America. He and a patient were interviewed to discuss hair transplantation.
Channel 23
News interviewed Dr. Epstein to learn about the medication finasteride. Finasteride is only the second medication (the first was Rogaine) to gain approval for the treatment of hair loss.


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