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Lip Sculpting and Repair

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Dr. Epstein has developed a particular area of expertise in both lip sculpting and the repairing of lips that have been scarred or deformed from permanent injected and surgical implants.

Because there are a number of patients who have had non-licensed clinicians (or even the occasional licensed clinician) inject such products as liquid silicone and Biopolymer®, Dr. Epstein has developed a surgical approach for removing these injectable and surgically placed implants as well as restoring the natural shape to the lips that have been deformed from the use of these products.

Some patients require two of these reparative procedures in which Dr. Epstein sculpts the lips, all from incisions made inside the mouth to avoid any visible scarring. The result is much more natural, aesthetic appearing lips.

Upper Lip Lift

The upper lip lift is designed to shorten the elongated upper lip that may be the result of genetics or of aging. Along the nostril rim, a "gull-wing" incision is made where it can be concealed, resulting in more show of the teeth, less length of the upper lip, and an overall more youthful appearance. It can also create a bit of a "pouty" look to the lips when desired.

This is a procedure appropriate for both men and women, Recovery is typically four days, at which time the tiny sutures can be removed and the patient is usually presentable without any sign of having had a procedure performed.

Lip Sculpting - Repair - patient 1 - before 1
Lip Sculpting - Repair - patient 1 - after 1
Lip Sculpting - Repair - patient 1 - before 2
Lip Sculpting - Repair - patient 1 - after 2

Permanent Lip Augmentation with Dermal-Fat Graft

Dermal fat grafting is designed to provide permanent, natural augmentation of the upper and/or lower lips. The graft is harvested from the suprapubic area, just above the bikini hairline, allowing the scar to be concealed even with a bikini. The graft contains not just fat but also dermis, which is the deeper layer of the skin, allowing the graft to be permanent. Unlike injected fat, it will not resorb.

Hola Doctor, how are you? This is Ana, it's been 6 days after my surgery, starting to look a lot better, I think my lips are gonna look great !!! Only 3 stitches have come out from my top lip, I still have all the stitches in my bottom lip, most of swelling down, still bruises, but I can't wait to see the final result :)

I hope to hear from you soon !!!

Thank you !!!!

*Patient had a lip sculpting repair procedure


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